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Welcome. Here we specialize in the rehabilitation and conditioning of dogs and horses using swimming and hydro-therapy.




We are sorry to announce that the Swim Center property has been sold, and the Animal Swim Center will no longer be in operation, effective October 1, 2018.


In selling the property, we have tried diligently to find a buyer that would continue the operation and provide the service for our canine friends. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful; and the new owners will not be maintaining the swimming operations.


After almost thirty years and thousands of dogs, horses and people that we have had the pleasure to know and to work with, it has been a hard decision to make to leave this behind and lose a valued service to our canine friends and the community.


My sincere thanks go to all those dedicated owners that, year after year, enjoyed a fun time with their dogs and to those that have given their dog a new lease on life that only swimming can provide. I have deep regrets that all of this must come to an end for the Northern Virginia Animal Swim Center. Hopefully there will be new facilities that will eventually take our place.


Appointments may be made online up to and including Sunday September 30.


Refunds will be made for any unused swim sessions.



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